About Us - Family Owned and Operated

Gantlin Products = Mark Gantner & Jerry Carlin


Mark & Jerry met during Yamapalooza one year at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Mark introduced Jerry into wakesurfing shortly after.  Once Jerry realized he could not wakesurf behind his Yamaha XR1800 the search for a bigger boat started ! He purchased a 2008 AR230 and started setting it up to surf.  Mark expressed his passion to surf straight and he had a vision on how to complete it.  He told Jerry his idea and with him being an engineer he quickly started putting Mark's vision into motion and developed a prototype. Testing began immediately in flooded river conditions and bad weather.  In the end the result was amazing and mind blowing at the same time . . .   WE FIGURED IT OUT !

The Wake Wedge was released in August of 2014.


The company has grown over the years with the help of our wonderful surf addicted customers !

Gantlin Products put surfing on the map for Yamaha boats and stands by their quality product that works !